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Vintage Telephony

Dial Service and Repair - GPO No.10, 12 or 21

£23.00 - £28.00

This is a service-based item.

Dials are similar to clocks in that over time they collect dirt and the oil lubricating them dries and hardens. As a result they run out of tolerance and will not work on modern exchanges.

We will fully strip, chemically and then ultrasonically clean your dial. The fingerplate and finger stop will be polished and it will then be rebuilt and correctly lubricated. Finally the speed and make/break ratio will be accurately set using the correct test equipment.

The price includes return postage, but you will be required to send (or bring) the dial to us.

The price does not include replacement parts, but replacement dial springs. If you think your dial needs replacement parts or would like advice send us an email with your telephone contact number and we will make contact and offer advice on the best way to proceed.