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Vintage Telephony

Telephone Cords: Ivory, Chinese Red, Jade & Black (£12.00-£23.50)

£14.50 - £34.00

We have all the cords necessary to restore vintage GPO telephones in the full colour range. These are simply the best quality replacement cords available. Overbraided in the highest quality Egyptian cotton.

Our cords, like the originals, use a tinsel core with the addition of a very soft and flexible polymer coating which ensures a high level of electrical insulation exceeding that of the original cords. This is not an 'off the shelf' wire and is manufactured specifically and exclusively for us. We use the same securing methods as the original cords and strong and secure ring terminals to match the size of machine screw used. Hence, they are covered by the screw head retaining the original appearance.

All cords are hand plaited and a wide range of customisation is possible so please contact us with any requirements you may have.
If you are not sure what you need, please contact us for advice. We are happy to help.

THE RANGE: 162/232/332/312 etc.
1) Plaited Handset Cord - Length: Approx. 42". 4-way plait/3 Conductors.

2) Plaited Line Cord - Length: Approx. 60". 4-way plait/3 Conductors. (Please Note: THIS IS THE CORD ONLY AND YOU WILL NEED A BLOCK TERMINAL (BT20/4) AND TAIL TO COMPLETE THE CONNECTION.)

3) Round Section Line Cord - Length: Approx. 98"

4) Link Cord (232 to No26 Bellset) - Length: Approx. 9.5"between bindings. 4-way plait/3 Conductors.