Military 332 - Not a scrambler!

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'Scrambler' or 'Secrecy' telephones are rare and much sought telephones. We have had the pleasure of supplying half a dozen or so over the years, including a fine example to the Crypto Museum. Many now incorrectly sport the 'Speech on telephones is not secret' label, which looks very nice, but has no place on a Secrecy telephone where speech was certainly secret! Such labels were used in situations where there were a mix of secrecy and standard telephones used in the same location.

This is a military issue 332, identified as such by the YA base plate stamping. It was supplied as shown, but we have added the label as a period correct identifier. The telephone is as it was issued, with no dial and so will take incoming calls only. The dial label is original and came with the telephone.

We have not upgraded the transmitter unit because we would consider this to be a 'collector quality' telephone, but we can do so upon request. We have also retained the block terminal, which again came with the telephone - now a rare find.