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Vintage Telephony


Do these telephones work on traditional landlines?

Yes, despite these telephones being well over 50 years old, they have been converted and serviced so that they will work on a traditional landline.

What if I am on VOIP? My telephone plugs into a router or ATA.

If your telephone plugs into your router you have a VOIP service or, in the case of Virgin Media, 21CV. You may also have a telephone service provided through an ATA.

We also offer all our telephones with our inDAT or Dial-a-Tone so that they will also work on all VOIP services. Our VOIP ready telephones will allow you to continue to use a traditional dial telephone as before with full functionality and they will ring as before.

Dial-A-Tone Pulse to Tone Converter


Can I use last number redial, 'Star' and 'Hash' etc?

Telephones fitted with our inDAT or inDAT300 offer advanced features of 'Star', 'Hash', 'Last Number Redial' and up to seven stored numbers all accessed through a traditional vintage dial. These are our products designed in collaboration with Geoff Peters.