Do these telephones work on a modern line?

Yes, despite these telephones being well over 50 years old, they have been converted and serviced so that they will work on a modern line. Our telephones come ready to plug into a standard UK telephone socket.

What if my telephone plugs into a router?

If your telephone plugs into your router you will need an RJ11 to 431A adaptor with a ring capacitor for these telephones to ring. We can supply these, just select at time of purchasing your new telephone from the drop-down menu.

Will my answering machine still work?

Yes, an answering machine will not be affected by these telephones.

Can I use last number redial, phone banking or similar?

No, these telephones use pulse dialling. Call centre menu options use tone dialling, so it is recommended that you keep one modern push button telephone for occasions when you need to use * or # keys etc.

Can you convert my old telephone?

Yes, we can renovate, service and convert your telephone. Please see ‘Restorations’ and contact us to discuss your requirements.

Do we buy old telephones?

Yes, we are always interested in buying good GPO, GEC or Siemens telephones. Please contact us to discuss what you would like to sell.