Rare GPO 328 Bell On / Bell Off Bakelite Telephone


This is a lovely example of a scarce classic British GPO Bakelite 328 series telephone. The buttons on the top can be used to switch the ringer on and off which is a very useful feature for when you do not want to be disturbed!

Please note: This telephone has the correct GPO switch block fitted.

This telephone is in first class working order with a nice sheen and free from damage. It also has a fully serviced and polished No.12 dial. The handset is marked 1956.

The handset and line cords are my own, UK manufactured, pure Egyptian cotton braided cords correctly terminated with cotton ties.

The photographs are of the actual telephone for sale and accurately record its condition. Please see the restoration details below.

The telephone comes complete with my own (very good!) reproduction paper furniture. On the centre dial I will enter a number of your choice.

Restoration Details:

•Handsets and cases are stripped of their components and thoroughly cleaned.

•Cases are polished, both mechanically and by hand. It has taken me many years to perfect this technique and it will return the case to the best possible condition. Polishing by hand alone will not achieve the best results.

•All contacts are cleaned and polished.

•Dials are stripped, cleaned, inspected, lubricated and rebuilt. This includes the removal and cleaning of the governor, governor cup and main bearing. The contacts are set and the dial speed and MK /BK ratio set. This is an essential part of making a telephone work properly.

•Bell coils are set and any necessary adjustment made so their resistance is suitable for modern networks.

•A new line cord is fitted and the telephone is reassembled with the appropriate wiring alterations made to allow it to function on a pulse dialling system.

•Finally, telephones are tested on a live line to ensure they are working correctly and a custom dial label is fitted.

•I have upgraded the mouthpiece with a modern electronic transmitter to provide high quality outgoing speech.